Thank You Subaru!

January 1st, 2019

Yet another Share the Love event is winding down for us, and I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank Subaru of America for sharing the love with Meals on Wheels each year, but to also talk about how this event has affected us on the local level. I participated in our first Share the Love event 6 years ago with Meals on Wheels of Tippecanoe County. It seems like just yesterday honestly, but as I look back, it is amazing how much our event has grown over the years!

During the Share the Love event, for every new vehicle leased or purchased in the specified timeframe, Subaru of America will donate $250 to the charity you select. Meals on Wheels of course is one of them! Each year for Share the Love, we partner with Bob Rohrman Subaru to raise awareness for the event.

In our first year participating, Bob Rohrman Subaru donated $1500, which allowed us to purchase a gift for each of our consumers. Mr. Rohrman himself even made an appearance as Santa Bob and loaded the vehicles up with the gifts! It was magical! Fast forward 6 years later, as part of Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette, and Bob Rohrman Subaru is still an amazing partner for this event. They now donate at least $5000 to us for the event, and 100% of that goes directly to our consumers in the form of meal credits. Those that have their meals paid for by programs such as Title III, receive a gift instead. Their staff still show up in brand new Subarus each year to deliver our meals for us for a day, and their staff is always excited to do so! The credits this money provides for our consumers is enough to pay for at least 2 weeks worth of meals, and in some cases an entire month! We cannot thank Mr. Rohrman, Brad Bellaire, and the rest of the staff enough for their efforts to partner with us each and every year to share the love with our consumers, and put smiles on their faces! Also, thanks to their partnership and efforts in this event, our yearly Share the Love grant award continues to increase as well!

To Subaru of America, we owe the deepest and sincerest gratitude for this event. It is something we all look forward to every year to get us into the holiday spirit, and as cheesy as it may sound, share the love we all have for our community with as many people as possible. Thank you Subaru for keeping your love promise strong through this event!

To Meals on Wheels America, we are so grateful to be a part of such an amazing and upstanding association. Not only is Ellie Hollander amazing at guiding all of us in the right direction to position us for the future, their entire staff are always quick to lend a hand or advice when needed. For every dollar of dues invested into this association, member programs and organizations are given back $17 on average each year. That is a 170% return on investment! Combine that with their expert guidance towards the future, we could not be better equipped to tackle our upcoming challenges. Thank you so much!

It has been a successful year for Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette, and 2019 looks to be even better. As we look ahead we would all be wise to take a page from Subaru's book and not just share the love, but BE love. It is what this world needs of us! Happy New year!