Program Information

Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette

Serving Tippecanoe County since 2016

Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette has no restrictions as to whom can participate in our home-delivered meal program. If you have challenges accessing nutritious, affordable food for any reason, our program can help.

Meal Breakdown

  • Our meals are prepared fresh daily by Franciscan Health.

  • All of our meals are low-sodium, with the majority being heart-healthy as well.

  • Meals include an entree, two sides, a fruit, and choice of drink between 2% milk, skim milk, juice, or a bottle of water.

  • We offer daily choices between two different entrees, and four different sides, for a total of 16 different meal combinations available daily. You choose the food you receive!

  • Dietary needs can be accommodated for diabetics, low-sodium diets, and many allergies. (Provided proper choices are made in our menu.)

  • Meals can be easily reheated in a microwave or oven.

  • Meals are good in the refrigerator for up to three days (unopened).

  • Meals are able to be frozen in the container they come in.

  • Our 4-week rotating menu is updated twice a year in order to keep repetitiveness to a minimum.

Title III, CHOICE, and Waiver Eligible

Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette is proud to provide meals in Tippecanoe County through Title III of the Older Americans Act, CHOICE, and Medicaid Waiver. For more information on these programs, contact the Area IV Agency on Aging at (765) 447-7683.

How to Get Meals

Our staff will set an appointment to meet with you in your home to discuss the program, menu selections, delivery, payment, and other logistics related to our services to tailor our program to your needs as much as possible.

Simply give us a call at (765) 429-MEAL, or sign up for a phone call to set up an intake appointment!

Pricing and Payment

  • Meals are currently priced at $5.50.

  • Invoices are mailed in arrears (at the end of each month of meals), so consumers are not expected to pay upon each delivery or in advance. (Deposits may apply in certain cases up front.)

  • Our program accepts nearly all forms of payment including food stamps, cash (in office only), check, online payment, and money orders.

Additional Services


      Meals on Wheels Greater Lafayette proudly partners with the VCA Animal Hospital in Lafayette to provide our consumers' pets with high quality pet food and discounted veterinary services at a greatly reduced cost to our consumers.


      Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry Ensure Enlive dietary supplement drinks are available for purchase and delivery straight to your door in cases of 24 resealable bottles for $15 each (added to your monthly invoice).

     Friendly Visits

      Friendly visits and safety checks are included with every delivery we make!